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Oct. 7th, 2006 | 03:17 pm
posted by: crazimami in thank_heaven

Hey guys!!!! I am back! I got a computer again.. lol my baby is soo tired lol she just grabbed her bottle and laid on the floor and fell asleep lol poor baby girl.

But a little update on my sweet little girl.
Isabella is now 10 months old and has 5 teeth, is walking (she can go about 4 feet without help) and is all around perfect. She is about 25 lbs now. She also said her first words. She said "da-da", "no" and "woah" lol. SHe wears an 18-24 months clothes.. wow she is big. But here are her halloween pictures we just tok yesterday!

My Little Lady Bug

Standing All By Herself!

Look At those Teeth!

Look at that smile

Isabella and Mommy

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