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Dec. 22nd, 2006 | 11:39 pm
posted by: crazimami in thank_heaven

Sorry It's been so long... But Isa is one now and all over the place

Well got lots and lots of pictures coming, but to keep everything dial up friendly only 8 for tonight. They are all from today. Today she went to her future-husbands birthday party. They were so cute. She got mad at him when he tried to take her balloon so when he went to give her a hug she pushed him down and walked away. He ran after her and tried to keep giving her hugs and she kept pushing him away. She already has him whooped lol. And there was another little baby boy maybe about 18 months old and he was flirting with Isa. She only wanted him for his chain lol. These kids were too cute.

Sleeping in the car

Isabella walking away from Devon

Isabella & Devon playing

Looking at the balloon

Riding the... oh my goodness i forgot the name for a second.. Tom and Jerry ride

On the Snoopy Car

Just Chillin

Running with Dieter

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